Born: July, 24,1985

Highschool Attended: Strongsville High School (Grad 2004)

Universities attended: Cuyahoga Community College(Grad 2007A.A, Applied.A)

Baldwin-Wallace University(Grad 2010; B.A)

Greetings and welcome to the digital portfolio of Kevin Snyder. Kevin Snyder soul purpose is creating excellence in design and illustration. Kevin Snyder is chief executive officer and founder K-Productions Incorporated. He has a keen eye for great design. He demonstrates very clean and sleek looking design. Many of his clients have requested for such a designs. It has also transferred to the work in film and television. He adheres to many principles of pioneers in design. He follows the studies and practices of the old master illustrators. He has learned many programs to mold the hand to technology. He tries to keep up with the trends of design and learn new programs that come out. He has great working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXpress, Maya, Daz 3d,  and other programs. He also uses his talents for the film world. He has done graphics for college news, comedies, and flyers for Buzz TV. Hope like the viewing of his work. That is enough about Kevin. I’ll get down off the soapbox now.

Hello to All who come and Visit!

Kevin Snyder