About The Company

K-Productions Incorporated was founded for the protection of Kevin Snyder’s design work and art pieces. Kevin Snyder is the founder and C.E.O of the company. It has essential on get graphic design work, and it has proved also valuable in protection of freelance work. Most of my work is copyrighted to me first and, then to the company protected by law. The benchmarks and mission of this company is to produce and protect the works of art that will be used for long lasting service. The incorporation means to incorporate many mediums of art and the vast studio arts. It is to envision great art and create it. It will make the studio and company cutting edge for competition. Kevin’s philosophy is like all companies and firms very clean and sleek looking design. He believes that quest of design is find, hone, and create. Find interesting designs. Hone your own skills to be cutting edge. Create interesting new ideas from the prior two.  The company has a philosophy of four core values that will help us achieve these benchmarks. The four values are integrity, honesty, hard work, and most important creativity. These two philosophies will make great work environment to thrive and grow.