Our Favorite Recent Work from Futura 2000

Growing up in New York City, in the late seventies and early eighties, I was fortunate to witness the birth, growth and eventual war on street art. Every subway train, on my 8th Avenue line, contained new tags and top to bottoms almost on a daily basis. This fueled my growing desire to be creative. I saved up and purchased a sketch book. I started creating my own letters and characters. I was energized.

Amongst my greatest inspirations was the works of Futura 2000. His now infamous “Wild Style” was so detailed and intricate that it would blow my mind. What he was able to accomplish with an aerosol paint can could rival some of the great artists of our time, in my honest opinion.

Though my love of his work began with his street art, it is his most recent paintings that have me re-energized again. His style has evolved dramatically over the years and his current work can be seen in galleries worldwide and on the cover of various record sleeves. Here is a collection of some of my favorite pieces.

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